The venue and the city


Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society Theatre

Aušros Vartų 5, LT-01304 Vilnius
Tel. +370 5 266 5210
Location: Old Town
Airport: 6 km

The headquarters of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society are located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, close to the Dawn Gate, the Town Hall.

Established in 1940, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society (LNPS) remains the largest and oldest state owned concert organisation in Lithuania, whose main activity is to organise and coordinate live concerts, diverse classical/classical contemporary/jazz music events and tours throughout Lithuania and abroad. In July 1998, the LNPS was officially granted the status of national cultural institution.


Very pleasant and very beautiful, the city displays a variety of both architectural expression and willpower. This is perhaps due to the interesting history that rests in this attractive town, which not always has been the capital of Lithuania. However, for over five centuries, until the 18th century, Vilnius had been political and cultural centre of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Old Town of Vilnius was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994 just because the town "has preserved an impressive complex of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings as well as its medieval layout and natural setting". In 2009 Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture.

From a business point of view Lithuania has surprised the world with its strength and rapid growth in all the spheres of business. As one of the new members in the European Union Lithuania and Vilnius is the perfect starting point for doing business in the Baltic Countries. 

The people of Vilnius has for many times been forced to go along with different kind of conquerors. The city has therefore a long history of being occupied and that has of course left its mark on the whole of the city. But today Vilnius is a free and independent capital that takes advantage of this motley heritage. As a visitor to Vilnius, you will discover what that means. Its many different churches and festivals are a treasure to exploit and the old town gives you an experience worth remembering. The people of Vilnius are well educated, kind and gentle, and Vilnius is still not to overexploited as a tourist destination. 

Population: 555 613 (Vilnius County ca 848 000)

Total municipal area: 401 sqm

Time: GMT+2 (GMT+3 from 29 March to 26 September)

Currency:  Euro

Airport: Vilnius International Airport VNO

Main Railway Station: Vilnius Railway Station is located at Gelezinkelio Stotis, Gelezinkelio 16

Climate: in-between continental and maritime climate; the average temperature in January is -4.9 and in July +17 degree Celsius.


1323 Grand Duke of Lithuania Gedimin choose Vilnius as the capital of the principality of Lithuania.

1387 Granted city rights.

1579 The city's university founded; it’s the oldest one in Lithuania.

1569 Union of Lithuania and Poland the city now became recognized as a centre not only of Polish culture but also of Jewish learning.

1655 In flames and captured by Russian forces, the city was plundered and the population was massacred.

1769 Rasos Cemetery one of the oldest surviving cemeteries in the world was founded. The cemetery is the final rest for many famous people from the past up until today.

1796 Incorporated into the Russian Empire.

1812 Seized by Napoleon I on his move forwards to Moscow.

1831 The November Uprising against the Russians. University of Vilnius was closed due to Russian repression.

1863 The January Uprising against the Russians brutally pacified, by Mikhail "the Hangman" Muravyov. Local language was banned due to the Russian supremacy. Many deported to Siberia.

1915-1918 Occupied by German forces during World War I.

1920 Became a part of the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR).

1920 Poland forces reoccupied the city.

1939 The USSR captured the city.

1940 Became the capital of the newly formed Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic SSR.

1941- 1944 Occupied by German forces during World War II.

1991 Continuing to be the capital, but now to the newly independent Lithuania.

2004 Member of NATO and a member of the EU.